BST Puts Market Data to Work

Market Data encompasses all information, data, content, and services that are used by stakeholders across many industries to perform their daily business requirements.

Distributed by hundreds of suppliers, there are many different types of data; some firms use all types while others use a sub-set. Data is delivered in a variety of ways; suppliers can be both a delivery platform and a data provider. The information spans:

  • Real-time financial data (provided via Stock Exchanges)
  • Non-real time data
  • Research
  • Calculations and charting
  • Reference data
  • Forecasts
  • Company and country facts
  • Figures and perspectives
  • News
  • Derived data

While the financial industry is a significant user of market data, in fact, all firms use data, from small amounts up into the millions. BST serves clients in many industries to help them optimize their investment in the growing field of market data. Industries served include:

  • Financial and Banking
  • Global Accounting
  • Global Consulting
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Government
  • Legal

BST provides customized strategies to assist both clients and suppliers in:

  • Providing users with the correct mix of information, content, and tools to perform their daily business requirements through demand management analysis.
  • Delivering innovative strategies for renegotiating cost, terms, and value through benchmarking against industry peers.
  • Empowering our clients to proactively combat compliance issues that evolve through the downstream distribution of content.
  • Providing value through strategic planning for the future of market data.
  • Providing market intelligence for suppliers via our unique knowledge framework.

BST’s expertise in the Market Data and Information sector provides us with the unique ability to offer a variety of consultative services to the financial community and beyond. We have seen almost every contract, every rate card and mix of services and have worked with users to understand their business requirements, data information needs, system requirements and their methodologies for working with industry data to perform critical daily functions.

The strength of our organization lies with its core competency: its people. Our staff is comprised of industry veterans, all of whom have worked directly with providers and buyers of market data systems and services. Our consultants have worked with all major suppliers of market data and information and kept abreast of the constantly changing landscape that includes mergers, acquisitions, and new additions to the marketplace.


Over 50% of our clients are either under retainer or return for repeat engagements, a testament to our ability to deliver outstanding results.

Case Study



BST was engaged to evaluate a large securities pricing supplier prior to the renewal of the multi-year contract. The client authorized us as their agent to conduct the negotiations on their behalf. Our analysis included benchmarking the pricing against the industry and reviewing all terms and conditions as well as renewal options for future years. The result of this negotiation resulted in a material reduction in fee levels representing ~$1,000,000 over a three-year contract. In addition, we simplified the fee model from a month-to-month multiple variation of fees methodology to a fixed monthly fee that enabled the client to budget for the full three years.