BST America, LLC was formed in 2001 when changes in the marketplace because of 9/11 forced clients to take a hard look at the rising costs of market data and information. Recognizing that market data/ information expenditures is often the second largest cost to a firm beyond its people, BST’s original partners, Sara Crowe and Bill Noorlander, created an outstanding consultancy practice aimed at helping clients gain control by understanding the “what, where, why and how” of information management.

BST staff all have comprehensive experience within the financial sector in market data, telecommunications, networking, disaster recovery and other aspects of global expense management. BST now employs between 15 and 25 full time consultants and growing.

As a world-class team we understand that our objective is to provide our clients with a strategic eye, identifying the opportunities to provide, buy, deliver, and manage data, recognizing the responsibility that comes with doing so and maintaining our integrity at all costs.