March 2022 - Learn all about the various types of Bloomberg Products


Data License:

Bloomberg Data License feeds multiple enterprise applications with comprehensive data from the same source giving front, middle, and operations users a common, reliable frame of reference.

Data License is the platform that delivers Bloomberg’s datasets, including reference, pricing, regulatory, and, now, alternative data across your enterprise. Data License feeds accounting, portfolio management and compliance systems with over 50 million securities and 56,000 fields.

Delivered directly via Bloomberg’s Enterprise Access Point website or programmatically via Bloomberg’s Hypermedia API, Data License allows users to acquire the data their businesses require using a powerful combination of request-response and subscription based services. Data License is built as a Linked Data Platform leveraging industry standard Linked Data and Tidy Data principles. Bloomberg provides all of the necessary technology, tooling and API’s to enable integration of Data License datasets into any client environment.

Fixed Income Pricing – BVAL:

Bloomberg’s Evaluated Pricing service, BVAL, supplies independent and transparent evaluated pricing daily for over 2.5 million securities across all asset classes, including thinly traded and hard-to-price fixed income securities.  BVAL details and explains every step in the valuation process and provides insight into the data inputs and algorithmic methodologies used so firms can justify all aspects of how pricing valuations are derived. Bloomberg valuations are also supported by the BVAL Score, a proprietary measure showing the relative amount and consistency of market data used to generate each evaluated price.

BVAL uses pricing data from only the highest quality market contributors—including TRACE, MSRB, exchanges and broker quotes—and filters, cleanses and verifies this data further for ongoing quality and consistency. Seasoned capital markets experts monitor the process and provide exceptional 24/5 global and around the clock customer service.

Drawing on real-time market observations from a wealth of contributed sources, BVAL produces valuations on actively traded bonds several times a day. For securities that are less liquid, BVAL derives a comparable relative value price. Since prices are derived algorithmically using the most recent market data, BVAL’s prices are reactive and closely reflect current market conditions.

BVAL pricing and pricing models are available on the Terminal or as an enterprise data feed via Bloomberg Data License. Choose how and when to receive pricing data, including snapshot, tick-level or bulk delivery and ad hoc or real-time requests. On the Terminal, BVAL is integrated into Bloomberg’s Asset & Investment Manager (AIM), Trade Order Management Solutions (TOMS), Portfolio Management System (PORT) and our regulatory and accounting products, streamlining your workflow and increasing efficiency.

Reference Data:

Bloomberg recently expanded the number of data fields available to Data License clients from 12,000 to approximately 40,000. In order to stay competitive, what businesses need is data that can be ingested consistently, efficiently and easily. Optimizing your data supply chain can help solve these challenges, and our Reference Data product can give you a reliable partner that can serve as a trusted data source.  One data source creates data consistency across desks, reduces data breaks across business workflows, and reduces operating risks and overall data costs.

Accompanying Reference Data is a comprehensive data dictionary with Bloomberg’s ontology dataset. This includes metadata that details all fields, including their definitions, datatypes, and properties, as well as content sets and their components. Additionally, the Provenance metadata gives you access to descriptive metadata about the delivery of content, allowing firms to calculate the lineage of their Bloomberg data.

Reference Data is available via Enterprise Access Point  which is a web-based platform for clients to easily discover and act on Bloomberg data products, with data linked, verified and up-to-date. Enterprise Access Point can be used to browse datasets, examine metadata, download and test sample datasets prior to acquisition, and immediately put them to use within your organization. It provides standardized reference data, regulatory data, pricing data, quantitative datasets, and new alternative datasets. In 2019, Bloomberg was named “Best Reference Data Provider” by multiple groups.

Corporate Actions:

Bloomberg’s corporate action data contains more than 50 action types across capital changes, distributions, corporate events, and fixed income-specific actions. By leveraging the same identifiers as our instrument and legal entities, our corporate actions data content is linked seamlessly to instrument and legal entities for custodians, asset servicers, and other industry participants.


The Bloomberg Market Data Feed (B-PIPE) enables global connectivity to consolidated, normalized market data in real time. Built for the front office and designed for simplicity of use, B-PIPE provides complete coverage of all the same asset classes as the Bloomberg Terminal. The resulting real-time data, along with streaming delayed data, can nourish a wide array of Bloomberg applications, as well as third-party, internal proprietary, and non-display (black box) applications, for increased efficiency throughout the front office.  Access to 35 million instruments across all asset classes, aggregated from 330+ exchanges and 5,000+ contributors, as well as Bloomberg composite tickers and market indices.

All real-time market data is available without conflation from Bloomberg’s global ticker plants, with additional local ticker plant installations in all major financial hubs around the world to serve customers with lower latency access to the same data. Streaming delayed data is also available.

Provides key reference data to describe instruments, such as the Financial Instrument Global Identifier (FIGI) and other key characteristics.  Access to normalized, end-of-day reference prices for all exchange-traded securities and some exchange indices, complementing other possible choices for suitable end-of-day reference pricing. Sophisticated Bloomberg algorithms help firms determine which prices to use.